Car Rental In Dubai – 3 Crucial Tips For First Time Drivers In Dubai

Whether on a holiday or on temporary project oriented stay, opting for a car rental Dubai is going to be very helpful to you in the long run. While it is one thing to enjoy driving in a foreign city that has a lot to offer in terms of sights and sounds, being stuck in legal hurdles due to ignorance can cost you dearly here. So, here is some much needed information.

Fines And Payment

Driving or parking in an illegal manner is going to get you a fine. For more serious offences, like jumping a red light, not wearing the seat belt or inability to produce the necessary licence and legal papers when requested for by the police can land you in jail.

Payment of fines needs to be done on the spot through cash or card swipes. For other fines, you can pay online on home page of Dubai police.

Traffic Accidents And Vehicle Repairs


In case of any road accident that you get involved in, call 999 for emergency cases. In case of non-serious types of collisions, call the station serving that area. If you do not know the number, then dial 268 5555 (Dubai Traffic Police Information Line) and get the number for the nearest police station.


Traffic laws prohibit garages and repair centres from doing any kind of repair and restoration work on a vehicles without an accident report issued by the Traffic Police in Dubai. However, small repairs like scratches and dents do not need any such type of permission from the authorities.


Furthermore, very car rental in Dubai has agreements with various repair centres across the country. Hence, make sure that you take this list from them before you hit the road.