How to Use a Knife Bag / Roll

At the point when you buy a blade pack, it’s critical to be composed and utilize the move effectively. This will protect the blades during capacity and moving. Utilize this manual for ensure that your move is composed.

Consider Edge Guards

In spite of the fact that the blade roll will secure your blades, it’s as yet a smart thought to utilize edge protects on the entirety of your blades. This is a decent tip for general security and will likewise shield the blades and sack from harm. Plain plastic or felt-lined watchmen are great alternatives.

Spread out the Roll and Review the Knife Spots

dark 5 pocket with blades as it were

5 Pocket Knife Bag – Check fit and position

At the point when you spread out the move, you can get an outline of what blade spots are accessible. Each space will be an alternate length and size. Most moves are intended to fit a blade set. In the event that you have strength blades, you may need to choose which blades are basic or buy a bigger move to fit every one of them.

Store the Knives

Put each blade into its assigned blade space with the edge watch set up. In spite of the fact that the spaces don’t need to give a careful fit, ensure that you maintain a strategic distance from any openings that are excessively huge as this can make the blades become removed. Additionally, don’t drive a blade into a detect that is too little to even consider avoiding harming the roll. Additionally, don’t place anything else than one blade in a solitary opening.

Roll the Knife Bag Securely

dark 5 pocket w dark logo protects

5 Pocket Chef Gear blade sack with edge watches on blades

Most packs will have a fold that lays over the blades. On the off chance that your sack has this fold, use it to cover the blades and afterward roll the pack up. Roll the sack solidly and abstain from having it either excessively tight or excessively free. It might take a couple of attempts to get this privilege so put in a couple of attempts varying. Attach the pack safely with lashes or ties. These are normally connected to the sack and can be utilized to close the pack safely.

When the sack is totally shut, you can utilize it to ship your blades safely.


Since you realize how to pick and utilize a Chef Knife bag it’s a great opportunity to consider getting your own. In the event that you find that you need a protected method to ship your blades, at that point a blade roll is an incredible alternative. It might be amazing to discover that these packs can be smart and useful. Ensure that you use them fittingly to maintain a strategic distance from any hazard to your blades or yourself. Utilize this guide varying when you’re thinking about getting a blade sack.